Pormenor Vinhos was established in Douro in 2013 following the dream of three friends – José Silva, Miguel Cardozo and Pedro Coelho. The wine bond at the time was somewhat indirect, with older family members who worked both as oak barrel producers and as cork producers. Based in the Douro region, Pormenor wines were launched with the 2013 vintage. With vines ranging from 50 to 100 years old planted at high altitudes, Pormenor (which means ‘detail’ in English) aims to produce wines with moderate alcohol, freshness and elegance. Even though Pormenor does not consider itself to be a natural wine producer, the winery does not use any kind of non-natural product and most of its work is done in a very non-interventive way to let the natural conditions of each vintage be expressed in the wine.

The winemaking motto is followed closely… The Devil is in the Detail!

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