The Hauller House was founded in 1775 during the golden age of winemaking and the wines of Alsace. Coming from both winegrowers and coopers, five successive generations of the family have passed on their expertise in these two trades. Today the Hauller legacy is perpetuated by oenologists, winemakers and cellar masters. Their names may have changed but their knowledge and passion remains unabated.

In the very heart of Alsace, the village of Dambach-la-Ville is the cradle of the Hauller family. In their cellars, their beautiful wines slowly improve in oak barrels or in stainless steel tanks, with respect for family traditions. They reflect the diversity of the seven Alsatian grape varieties, the concentration of its terroirs and the richness of its climate.

Hauller’s cellars face the fortified gate of Dambach-la-Ville which is also a historical monument, and the ‘Vins d’Alsace Hauller’ coloured tiles which adorn the building have long been a local curiosity.

Their wines