Cave de Cairanne

Cave de Cairanne are based in the southern Rhone valley in the heart of the village of Cairanne near Avignon, this local cooperative was founded in 1929 and gathers 55 local growers. In 2014, a new management team was put in place and Cave de Cairanne is now managed by Denis Crespo who is also head winemaker. Originally from Bordeaux, Denis believes in making wines like a small producer rather than a larger operation. His focus is on minimal intervention and making wines that are ready to drink rather than to age in fancy wine cellars.

Working very closely with local grape growers, Denis has enabled Cave de Cairanne to grow the best possible grapes in every single plot over a 550-hectare area. Cave de Cairanne produces wines which reflect the pride of its growers who are passionate about their cooperative at heart of the community.

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