Castillo de Monseran

We are delighted to be able to add the wines from Castillo de Monséran to our portfolio. Based in the Cariñena area of Aragón, 300km north-east of Madrid and 150km south of Rioja, Castillo de Monseran wines are produced by Bodegas San Valero under the supervision of winemakers Jesús Prieto and Hugh Ryman. Their vineyards are planted at between 350 and 700 metres above sea level and benefit from a continental climate with with warm days and cool nights during the ripening period, leading to optimum grape maturation. Together Jesús and Hugh work with a team of viticulturalists to select appropriate vineyard parcels and to choose the right moment for picking. They describe Castillo de Monséran as the new Clasico and it is easy to see why as they wines are modern interpretations of the classic taste of Spanish red wines.

Their wines