Wines of Chile UK Roadshows

by David


This month we’ve been taking part in the Wines of Chile UK “Chile Roadshow”, a 3-part event taking some of the best Chilean wines to London, Edinburgh & Manchester.


You can find out more information on Chilean wines and Wines of Chile UK Here.

We’ve just returned from the Chile Roadshow tasting events, a 3 day tour of the UK taking in London, Edinburgh and Manchester.  Organised by Wines of Chile UK, it’s been a lot of fun.  We’ve been there with the fantastic wines from Garcés Silva (, the Amayna & Boya ranges.


It has been great being able to showcase these wines to a large audience (both trade & consumer) across the UK, and the intimate, quality-focused nature of the tastings has really gelled with the ethos and personality of the Garcés Silva wines.



Thanks to everyone who came to taste the wines over the 3 events, and as always thanks to Garcés Silva for their fantastic wines!