IWSC Awards announced – success for Viñalba

by David


The results of the IWSC Awards were announced today, and we’re delighted to say that our friends at Viñalba have walked away with a tonne of trophies.


The IWSC Awards is now in its 48th year, and is one of the most prestigious wine judging competitions in the world.

It’s IWSC Awards time of the year again, and we’re thrilled for Viñalba with their recent haul of medals collected.  It’s testament to the fantastic wines they produce and the hard work that goes in to crafting every bottle.  To find out more about Viñalba, check out www.vinalba.com


Wine Producer Award
Patagonia Reserve Malbec 2016 Viñalba Silver Outstanding 2017
Gran Reservado Malbec 2015 Viñalba Silver 2017
Cuvée Diane 2014 Viñalba Gold 2017
Patagonia Malbec Syrah 2016 Viñalba Silver 2017
Reserve Cabernet Malbec Merlot 2016 Viñalba Bronze 2017
Reserve Malbec Touriga Nacional 2016 Viñalba Gold 2017
Reserve Malbec 2016 Viñalba Silver Outstanding 2017
Reservado de la Familia Malbec 2016 Viñalba Gold 2017
Malbec Rose De La Familia 2017 Viñalba Silver 2017
Patagonia Malbec De La Familia 2016 Viñalba Silver 2017
Parrilla Malbec 2016 Viñalba Silver 2017
Vinalba Patagonia Cabernet Merlot 2016 Viñalba Bronze 2017

Congratulations again to all at Viñalba!