Buckingham Schenk expands on trade portfolio

by buckingham


We’re pleased to announce the publication of our latest on trade wine list.


We're pleased to announce the publication of our latest on trade wine list.

Buckingham Schenk is pleased to announce the publication of its latest on trade wine list. The company’s portfolio has evolved considerably in the last four years as it continues to give focus to the on-trade and independent sector.

This year, its portfolio contains a selection of 140 wines and 30 producers exclusively available to the on trade and independent merchants. This include new additions such as award-winning French producer Cave de Cairanne from the Rhone Valley, outstanding newcomers Pormenor Vinhos from the Douro in Portugal and Italian family-owned boutique winery Tenute Tomasella from Friuli-Venezie.

Buckingham Schenk’s latest on trade portfolio demonstrates the high calibre and diversity of wines it can offer, alongside the depth and flexibility of its producers across all sectors.

One of the main changes this year has been the increased proportion of vegetarian-friendly wines which now make up 70% of the wine list. Organic wines and wines that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians have also been clearly signposted in the list due to increasing consumer demand.

Buckingham Schenk’s Managing Director Craig Durham said; “We have once again put a lot of effort into our on-trade portfolio. We now have a very targeted and esoteric selection of wines which is what we need to stand out in the on trade and indies. We’re very fortunate to have the backing of a family-owned wine group and to work with such outstanding producers. I have no doubt our new wine list and will help support our growth in the on trade and indies’.