Organic Riesling

Hauller’s cellars face the fortified gate of Dambach-la-Ville which is also a historical monument, and the ‘Vins d’Alsace Hauller’ coloured tiles which adorn the building have long been a local curiosity.

Jellicoe Riesling

Situated in Eden Valley’s “Golden Triangle” at Mt McKenzie, famous for old vine Riesling, the Sorby Adams Jellicoe Vineyard includes nearly 25 acres of mature vines entering their fourth decade. The vineyard epitomises the traditional strengths of the Barossa’s Eden Valley wine region and includes Riesling, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Grand Cru Muenchberg Riesling

Made up of degraded sandstone and volcanic sediments, the Muenchberg Grand Cru soil has a very particular geological profile that bestows a unique personality on the wines.