Our Story

Buckingham Schenk is one of the UK’s best wine importers, working with every part of the UK market, from the major supermarkets and national chains, to on-trade wholesalers and restaurant groups.

What we do

We love finding new and exciting wines, and helping them find a way to consumers. We’re renowned for our own-label expertise and sourcing ability from around the world, and we’re leaders in wines from Spain, Italy, Argentina, and sparkling wines.

As part of the Schenk Group, one of Europe’s largest family-owned wine companies, we have a close relationship with producers across Europe, putting us truly ‘closer to the source’. This ensures we can offer our customers great prices, fantastic quality, and unrivalled flexibility and responsiveness to market demands and trends.

Additionally, we have an exciting and growing stable of brands, including Viñalba, Bacio della Luna, Murviedro and Buckingham Estate, and a burgeoning on-trade division with a portfolio of over 200 wines from our global partners.

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Our on-trade division is growing rapidly, thanks to our exciting portfolio of over 200 wines.
Additionally, we’re pleased to offer:

  • Account Management
  • Award-Winning Range
  • Flexible Delivery Solutions
  • Expert Advice
  • Training and Tastings
  • Bespoke and Own-Label Wines

Meet the team

With a wealth of experience right across the drinks trade, our dynamic management team ensure Buckingham Schenk offers fantastic wines and exceptional service. We’re really excited to continue to grow our offering and develop great relationships with customers and suppliers.


We’ve got one of the UK’s most vibrant and efficient sales teams, each of them dealing with millions of bottles of wine every year. We’re all about building lasting relationships – after all, the wine trade is a close-knit family!


Our marketing team are here to make sure your wines look great, get the right exposure, and stand out from the crowd.

Behind-the-scenes Magic

Our crack-squad of office staff are at the heart of the business, and it simply wouldn’t run without them. We like to think it’s testimony to the atmosphere in the office that everybody has been here for so long; we’re like one big happy family - albeit a slightly weird one!



Our indomitable Managing Director has been with Buckingham Schenk since the hazy days of 2003 and certainly aged accordingly. Previously his career included working at Matthew Clark, Constellation Wines and Kraft Foods. He has an unhealthy respect for Monty Python and is a full time chauffeur for his two children who swim a lot around the country! Craig loves walking both in challenging charity events but also thanks to his unique zig-zag style of playing Golf. Craig is our Managing Director and also looks after Marks & Spencer and New Business Development.


Andy is the most recent addition to the Buckingham Management team having joined in August 2016 from Enotria&Coe where he was off-trade Director of Sales. Andy has spent time at 68 Alpha Street South before when he was part of the sales team at Buckingham Vintners, but this time he has returned as our glorious Sales Director, ready to lead his team to victory. Partial to a spot of cycling, Andy devotes most of his spare time to his family and most weekends he can be found on the sidelines (whatever the weather) watching his boys play rugby and football.


David joined the team in January 2015. Hailing from France via Birmingham (don’t ask…), David has worked in the wine trade for the past 18 years for companies such as Enotria, WSTA, Berry Bros. & Rudd and Cellier des Dauphins. David is our Marketing Director, and looks after all our brand and corporate marketing, designs wine labels, drives our Product Development projects, runs events and goes out of for long lunches. When he’s not cutting up wine labels and sticking them on bottles, David devotes his spare time to an unhealthy collection of guitars, supporting Aston Villa (very poorly…) and spending time with his family in Surrey.


Alison is a talented woman: not only is she our in-house photographer, she is also Buckingham Schenk’s answer to Mary Berry and her cupcakes would win any bake off! When she’s not donning her apron or out and about with her trusted camera you will usually find her soaking up the sights, sounds and “retail experiences” the capital has to offer. Alison has over 15 years’ off trade sales experience working in the drinks industry. She is our account manager for Morrisons, Waitrose, Aldi and Spar.


We always know when Matt’s in the office; even after all these years (and there are quite a few) he is still full of energy, opinions and passion. When he’s not running his kids around, decorating, or gardening, he can usually be found in his shed tinkering with another vintage scooter or out using his season ticket at Gloucester Rugby watching the game and drinking a pint or two of Guinness. Matt has over 20 years’ experience. Before joining Buckingham Schenk he was with Frexienet and before that he was with Ferrero Rocher. He is our National Account Manager for Booker, Majestic and Sainsbury’s.


Emma is the one to speak you about all things On-Trade. She has worked in the wine trade since she left University – where besides studying for her degree in English Lit and Italian, could also be found discovering the beauty of alcohol outside study hours! She began at Majestic and has come a long way since the “Maj” van driving days. She brings with her a wealth of experience for the On-Trade having worked in all areas of the country, including London, from wholesalers to fine-dining restaurants as well as National On-Trade groups. She has a love of all things gastronomical, a strong weakness for crisps and cheese (not together, although this can actually work) and will never say no to a nice meal and a bottle of wine. Her trusty sausage dog Dotty can also sometimes be found by her side whizzing round the country with her!


Nick knows everything there is to know about pallet configurations and shipping. If you need to know the lead time of a container from Australia to Uzbekistan and how many cases you can fit onto the load, he’s your man. When he’s not knee deep in Buckingham Schenk order folders you will find him in the gym. He’s there most evenings and the only time he isn’t there is when he’s been led astray by the rest of the team. When not partying down at the gym, Nick’s massively into his music and is never far from the next gig. We can only assume that his penchant for big sunglasses and even bigger hair is somehow driven by his music-loving friends… Nick, who has been with Buckingham Schenk since 1998 (fresh faced and beard free), is our Supply Chain and Logistics Manager, and looks after all orders, supply chain, warehousing and invoicing needs for both the On and Off-Trade.


Nicola is our PR & Events manager. Her title probably conjures up images of Patsy from Ab Fab, but Nicola is ever-so-slightly more organised. In fact, whether it is copy deadlines or cakes, generic tastings or gardening tips, Nicola has the answers, and she has probably had a file open on it for weeks. Nicola is our one-woman in-house PR powerhouse and she also helps look after the events we do as part of the dream team that is the Marketing department.


Marcus Parry joined the team in January as Brand Manager. He works with Nicola and David T as part of the PR and Marketing team. Marcus previously worked for Majestic for 6 years as Store Manager of one of their largest stores in London and acted as regional manager for a number of other stores. Marcus manages a variety of projects including running our website, social media, consumer events, writing copy and brand management. Given his allegiance to Manchester United, we've forced him to share an office with a Man City supporter....everyday is Derby day!


Rob (not Robert) is one half of our technical dream team. Rob has worked in various quality and technical roles from a diverse range of sectors ranging from beers, wines and spirits to growing herbs and cabbage for retailers. All this has led to Rob becoming our procedure and policy guru. When Rob is not putting together a specification or working on closing an audit, he can be found in the tasting room or somewhere in Europe helping blending wine or having fun with auditors.


Emily is one of the wine connoisseurs within the Buckingham Schenk team, having recently completed the full set of Prestige Cuvée Champagnes, and is set to embark on her MW in 2019. Having studied Law at Bristol University, where she became an active member of the Wine Circle, we believe that a route into Technical was inevitable. Emily has crafted her knowledge from years spent working for Majestic, Bibendum PLB and Conviviality, where she developed an affinity for all things quality and technical (with the exception of label approvals and ethical trade!). When not in the office or off on business, Emily can usually be found in a trendy bar or restaurant in London, running through leafy green Surrey, or exploring the world’s wine regions.


The voice of calm in our usually frenetic office, Renu always has a kind word and a twinkle in her eye when everyone else has gone crazy. Unless, that is, you want to spend some company money, in which case her role as Guardian of the Purse Strings leaps to the fore and her calm exterior cedes control to the highly-trained martial-artist which lurks inside her. Renu is a fantastic cook and if we’ve handed in our expenses on time she treats us to some of her homemade gastronomic delights. Renu looks after our accounts and financial reporting and deals with both accounts payable and accounts receivable.


Within a few short months of joining us, Sarah had whipped the office into shape and had her hands firmly on the administrative reins. Mind you, given her penchant for horses (and her tendency to wear chaps in the office) that shouldn’t be a surprise. When she finds time between mucking out the horses, Sarah is an incredibly talented artist, and we’re proud to have many of her works adorning our walls. As our Office Administrator, Sarah keeps the place running smoothly. She has also become our unofficial Green champion; woe betide anyone who forgets to put their cardboard in the correct bin!