Domaine de l'Olivette

For two centuries now, this winery has been under the loving protection of the Dumoutier family who have been the custodians of the unique character and traditions of the Domaine de l’Olivette. The domaine often goes beyond the already very strict conditions of the Bandol Appellation. Harvesting is all done by hand and yields are kept deliberately low to enable their wines to fully develop and keep all their fragrance, body and flavour.

At the same time, the family has not neglected the technical aspect, keeping up-to-date with technology, and aiming at new heights in expressing all the characteristics of their exceptional terroir. Temperature-controlled facilities complement the work of the oak barrels: computerisation of production data works alongside human know-how and skills, all under the watchful eye of the domaine’s oenologist.

Vintage after vintage, generation after generation, the character and personality of the Domaine de l’Olivette is preserved through the elegance, purity and quality of its outstanding wines.

Their wines