Arnaud Robert

For Grower Champagne Arnaud Robert, making wine is a family thing. The Robert family has been growing grapes and making Champagne for four generations. A proper Grower Champagne producer, the family own every single vineyard which produces grapes for their Champagnes.

The Domaine is based in the town of Fossoy in the Vallée de la Marne area, and is now owned and managed by Arnaud Robert. Arnaud is part of a new wave of young French winemakers that are at the forefront of the French wine revolution, breaking with tradition and producing high quality wines that are consumer-friendly and approachable. Vineyard management, winemaking, running the business, sales… Arnaud does it all himself with the help of a very small team, so it doesn’t get much more personal than this.

Arnaud Robert Champagnes are based on Pinot Meunier dominated blends which result in very fruit driven, lively and elegant wines which are attractive to both connoisseurs and wine lovers.

Their wines